Recent media

Recent press releases and media from the White Lab:

Coronavirus COVID-19 Press:

  • The White lab release two infographics about staying safe during the COVID-19 outbreak, found here and here.
  • Professor White warns about the dangers of using cash during COVID-19. Radio interview here.
  • Professor White talks hygeine at gyms during COVID-19. Article here.
  • A summary COVID-19 in Sydney so far. Article link here.
  • Professor White talks with the Australian about controlling the coronavirus outbreak. Article link here.
  • Dispelling myths surrounding the 2019 coronavirus. Article link here.
  • Professor White weighs in on the coronavirus outbreak on the Diamond Princess. Article link here.

Sequencing the Cane Toad Genome:

  • Taking a genetics fight to the Aussie cane toad. Audio link here.
  • Scientists crack genetic code of cane toad. Video link here. Article links 1 and 2.

Norovirus news

  • Professor White talks to the Sydney Morning Herald about the rise of norovirus infections in Australia. Video link here.  
  • Press release on new noroviruses linked to gastro outbreaks across Australia. Press release link here.
  • Sydney Morning Herald article on gastro outbreaks in NSW. Article link here.
  • Article in the Sydney Morning Herald on flu and gastro outbreaks in winter. Article link here.
  • Body and Soul article on vomiting epidemic and flu warning for winter. Article link here.
  • Gastro epidemic warning in Australasian Science. Article link here.
  • Featured article in the New Scientist magazine on norovirus: the perfect human pathogen. Article link here.

Other media

  • Alice Russo's (PhD student) winning 3MT entry. Video link here.
  • Article about the 2015 Hepatitis A contaminated frozen berries. Article link here.